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LAST MODIFIED:2015-08-12  

New: WFL 3.0 released on Aug. 12, 2015.

main new features of WFL 3.0:

1) Support IVF 2013 and above for both 32bit and 64bit version. (NO CVF support from now)

2) Support gfortran 4.9.1 and above (Windows only, 32bit)

3) Integrate GST 1.3.2 in WFL3.0.

4) WFL3.0 is self-consistent, no other libraries is need.

To become a WFL user and to receive WFL news and upgrade info, please email to  with subject "WFL new user". If you do NOT want to receive any info from WFL, please send email with subject "None WFL user". (2007-07-31)

WFL (ver. 3.0, 28.6Mb), release on Aug. 12, 2015. Win7, IVF2013 (32bit, 64bit), gfortran4.9.1(32bit) Download
New: Win32 program GeoScienct data analysis Tools (GST) version beta 1 based on WFL is released for test, (continue update when new tools ready)
Update Date List:
2015.1.30 Ver1.3 released
2015.1.12 Ver1.2 released
2014.11.3 (FFT spectrum, Console window enable, please run gst32_laucher.exe instead of gst32.exe for seeing console window info)
2014.9.28 (Data fit enable)





Ver 2.5 (17.5Mb) Release on Mar. 24, 2011
Windows2000/Windows XP 32 bits.
Ver 2.4 (13.5Mb) Released on Jun. 10, 2008。 Windows2000/Windows XP 32bits (need CVF6.6) Download
Ver 2.3 (6.7Mb) Released on Mar. 25, 2008。 Linux 64bits (Fedora8), with some limitations to compare with Windows version. Download
New features (Windows version):
NetCDF90 supported;
Windowed Spectral Analysis;
New Filter; New other subroutines and functions;
Bugs Fixed.
What's new  
Ver 2.2.1 (7.84Mb) Released on Dec. 3, 2006. (need CVF6.5, or CVF6.6,or IVF9.*,or IVF10.*) Download


Examples supported data files

Coupled SVD (9.27Mb)



New Tools in WFL

Generate F90 file to read NetCDF data file (296Kb)


Change date to Modified Julian Day or vice versa(308Kb)



Any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email to:


 WHIGG F90 LIB  (WFL) is a personal Fortran90 subroutine and function libraries (NO source codes are available till now) used in Geo-science especially in Geophysics and data processing domain. WFL only has English version and NO Chinese version, though questions and suggestions can be English or Chinese. WFL IS FREE OF CHARGE AND IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. If you use  WFL software in a publication, I recommend that you cite the below paper:

闫昊明,钟敏,朱耀仲,科学计算程序库WHIGG F90 LIB及其地学应用,大地测量与地球动力学,Vol.26,No.1,P109-114,2006.

YAN Haoming, Zhong Min, Zhu Yaozhong, Scientific Computation Library WHIGG F90 LIB and It’s Application in Geosciences, J. of Geodesy and Geodynamics, Vol. 26, No. 1, P109-114, 2006. (in Chinese).

Installation environment of WFL
Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP /Win7
Support Fortran Compiler:   Intel Visual Fortran 9 or higher  / gfortran 4.9.1 or higher

Operating System: Linux 64bits (Fedora 8) (no update)
Support Fortran Compiler: Intel Fortran compiler for Linux 10.1


WFL includes more than 300 functions and subroutines:

1. Time transfer (Julian day, leap year, day of special month, date, etc.)
2. Data/Signal Filter (Vondrak filter, Gauss Filter, FFT filter, Moving average, Butterworth Filter, Fan Filter, etc)
3. NetCDF4 library (Come form Unidata, both F77 and F90 interface include. You can reference NetCDF4 manuals to call all subroutines or functions from WFL conveniently and get Fortran90 code to read any NetCDF4 file by a tool named nc4tof90.exe in c:\wfl\tools\ )
4. Spherical harmonic expansion and synthesis (Associated Legendre function, expand a function to spherical coefficients and get a function from spherical harmonic coefficients by using FFT method, real coefficients to complex coefficients and vice versa, Legendre polynomial, etc.), derivatives of fully normalized associated Legendre function.
5. Function transform and Spectral analysis (Complex FFT, Wavelet, Hilbert, FFT spectrum, Coherence spectrum, MTM spectrum, Windowed FFT spectrum, Multivariate spectrum, Auto and Cross correlation and coherence spectrum, wavelet coherence specturm, etc.)
6. Data analysis ( Complex EOF/PCA, EMD, Wavenumber/Frequency, coupled-SVD, Correlation and Coherence, Leap-step time series analysis, etc.)
7. Interpolation or extrapolation in one or two dimensions (spline, bilinear, bicubic, bicubic spline, polynomial, etc)
8. Data fit for linear, polynomial, or harmonic (fitline, fitpoly, detrend, quadratic, harmonic, least squares fit, etc.)
9. Statistical kits (Distribution function of Chi, Gauss, F and Student. Mean Value, Standard deviation, Variance, AIC, BIC, correlation analysis, array normalize, effective DOF, etc.)
10.Other useful tools (Number2Character and Character2Number,sinc function, spherical length, spherical area calculation, capital/Inverse/upper/lower character, sort, find locate of special data, Lambert projection, reallocate array, write on the same line, big integer supports, area and perimeter of general polygon, string parse, etc.)
11. Linear System solver and Eigensystems. LU factorization (decomposition), AX=B solver, inverse matrix solver.SVD decomposition and Eigenvalues solver.
12. Geophysical applications (AAM, OAM, geophysical fluid torque, J2,J3, geocenter, vertical crustal movement, coast, geocentric angle, degree variance, Load Love number, ocean water density, gravity effect by polar motion, Green functions, Legendre polynomial, wind stress, destripes of GRACE data, soil temperature, thermal vertical displacement, Green function, geodetic coordinate to xyz, etc)
13. random generator, include uniform and Gauss random generator, also the noise time series generator from pre-determined power spectra .

WFL version 3.0, a new win32 GUI program named GeoScience data analysis Tools (GST) is combined in WFL too.

See functions and Subroutines details in A-Z order.


安装需求:Windows 2000/XP/Win7系统,Intel Visual Fortran 9或更高版本的编译器,gfortran4.9.1或更高版本编译器。或是Linux 64位系统(Fedora8),Intel Fortran compiler 10.*

1) 时间转换,包括闰年判断,儒略日计算及相关的日期计算等。
2) 数字滤波,包括Vondrak滤波,FFT滤波,GAUSS滤波,滑动平均, Butterworth滤波, Fan Filter等。
3) NetCDF4静态库(Unidata产品),包括所有的NetCDF4标准函数,作者对其进行了接口化,包括F77和F90接口。
4) 球谐函数展开和合成,包括求解缔和Legendre多项式,Legendre多项式,球谐函数快速展开合成(应用FFT), Legendre函数的1-2阶导数等。
5) 函数变换,包括FFT, Wavelet,Hilbert变换等。
6) 谱分析,包括FFT, EMD, EOF/PCA, Wavelet,Wavenumber/Frequency,coupled-SVD, 时频相关分析,MTM,加窗FFT谱分析,多变量谱分析,多变量自(互)相关分析,MTM自(互)相关谱 ,小波相干谱等。
7) 函数插值,包括双线性,三次样条,双三次样条,多项式插值等。
8) 函数拟合,包括线性拟合,多项式拟合,harmonic分析,最小二乘拟合等。
9) 统计工具,包括分布函数(Chi,Gauss,F,Student),均值,方差等的求解,随机数的生成,AIC, BIC准则,相关分析,数据的正交化,跳步时间序列分析预报等。
10) 其它工具,包括数字字符互转,符号函数,sinc函数,数据延长,sine和cosine函数积分组合,球面任意两点距离,球面面积、体积,字符大小写转换,排序,寻找数据位置,Lambert投影,reallocate数据,大整数的运算,通用多边形面积和周长, string解析等。
11) 线性系统求解和本征值求解. 包括矩阵的LU分解, AX=B求解, 逆矩阵求解, SVD分解和本征值求解.
12) 地球物理应用,地球自转领域中大气、海洋、陆地水等角动量的求解,地表流体力矩,计算J2,J3,地心变化、海水密度,负荷LOVE数,阶方差,Legendre函数及其微分,极移对重力的影响,风应力,GRACE去条带误差,土壤温度,温度对垂直位移的影响,GPS数据预处理 ,大地坐标和直角坐标转换等。

从WFL3.0版本开始,将GST分析工具(win32 GUI)组合到了WFL中。


WFL is Maintaining by Dr. YAN Haoming

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